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HID Proximity - Reader Specifications  
Proxpoint Plus ProxPro / ProxPro with Keypad / ProxPro II
Miniprox Maxiprox
Thinline II Entryprox


HID Proximity - Cards & Tags Specifications  
Proxcard II SmartProx II
ISOProx II Proxpass
DuoProx Microprox Tag
ProxKey II  


HID Proximity - Card / Reader Charts 
Reader Feature Comparison
Contactless Technologies Read Range Chart
Credential Reader Comparison
ProxPro Comparison Chart

DSX Access Control - Software & Hardware Specifications, Manuals
DSX Brochure DSX 1048 Panel Specifications
WinDSX User Guide DSX 1044 Panel Specifications
WinDSX System Update 3.5 DSX 1043 Panel Specifications
WinDSX 3.5 Uprade Instructions DSX 1035 Panel Specifications
WinDSX Win2k/XP Software Install DSX 1034 Panel Specifications
WinDSX DVR Integration DSX 1033 Panel Specifications
WinDSX ASCII Import Utility DSX 1032 Panel Specifications
DSX Site Survey DSX 1022 Panel Specifications
WinQuick 1048 Reference Guide DSX 1021 Panel Specifications
WinQuick 1030 Reference Guide DSX 1020 Panel Specifications
WinQuick 1022 Reference Guide Lantronix Configuration
WinDSX ID Badging Inital Modem Communication Procedure
PC Requirements DSX Specification

Syris Manuals & Utilities

The Syris Addcard program, Tech Manual and Syris Utility are now only available to purchase in a "Syris Download Pack". Cost is $100 USD. Email to order your download pack

Syris Addcard Program
Syris Technical Manual
Syris Utility

i-Pass Hardware & Software Manuals
i-Pass Hardware Manual
i-Pass XS Software Manual
i-Pass Brochure

Bluetooth Wireless Product Data Sheets
Blue 232-IP



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