Protege 16 Zone Input Expander

Use part no. PRT-ZX16-PCB when orderingICT Protege 16 Zone Input Expander

Product Description

The Protege 16 Zone Input Expander provides the interface of up to 16 zone inputs, 2 bell/siren device Outputs and 2 programmable Outputs to the Protege integrated access control, security and building automation system, an advanced technology security product providing seamless and powerful integration. The Protege 16 Zone Input Expander provides extensive hardware advancements that provide flexible zone programming and configuration.

Feature Highlights

  • Connect any combination of normally closed or normally open zones, configurable per zone input.
  • Utilizes analogue to digital processing with 5 over sampling
  • 4 state zone alarm using resistors to provide short, alarm, closed and tamper conditions.
Weight: 454g

Local Monitored Power Supply

The Protege 16 Zone Input Expander provides a 16VAC input for power utilizing low cost transformers and providing a fully monitor reader and door solution:
  • Deep discharge prevention of the battery with automatic electronic cut-off.
  • Manual or processor controlled battery charge selection of 350mA or 700mA.
  • Intelligent charging algorithm monitors battery and AC supply allowing optimum performance to be achieved using standard lead acid batteries.

Connectivity and System Expansion

Expanding the Protege System with local zone (input) and PGM (Output) from the Protege 16 Zone Input Expander allows convenient cost effective expansion:
  • 16 zones can be assigned in to any 4 areas in the system each being processed using different options or features.
  • Address configuration of the Protg 16 Zone Input Expander is achieved using an 8 way DIP switch.


Galvanic isolated RS-485 communication interface port used for all network communication functions and interconnects to other modules 100% isolated prevents ground loops and cross phase differential.

Upgradable Firmware

Utilizing the latest flash technology and high performance communication mediums the firmware of the Protege 16 Zone Input Expander can be updated using the ICT loadit utility over the Protege system module network.

ISCS – ICT Protege 16 Zone Input Expander