Protege Eclipse LED Keypad

Use part no. PRT-KLES when orderingProtege Eclipse LED Keypad

Product Description

The Protege Eclipse LED Keypad is a sleek, user friendly interface to the Protege integrated access control, security and building automation system, providing area control and security zone status at a glance.

Feature Highlights

  • Sleek and stylish, this keypad fits in with modern decor and provides a user friendly interface to the Protege alarm functions.
  • Features 4x onboard zones.
  • 1x PGM output.
  • Capacitive touch keypad.
  • Fire, Panic and Medical alarm options.
  • Up to 20 zones per Area can be used for Delay, Instant, Follow, Fire, Fire Delay and 24 Hour Operation.
  • Conforms to the UL/ULC fire control specifications.
  • Simple single Area control.
  • Door unlock operation.
  • Integrated tamper switch.
Weight: 175g

Protege Control

Operating in the Protege Control mode the Protege Eclipse LED Keypad provides a complete standalone 4 zone, 8 user local alarm system:

  • Operates autonomously when communication fails without the need for an Protege Integrated System Controller
  • Locally program siren, entry and exit delay timers and configure the operation of up to 8 users with arming and disarming options
  • 4 zones (zone duplex) can be used for delay, instant, follow, fire, fire delay and 24 hour operation. Confirms to the UL/ULC fire control specifications
  • Configuration and addressing of the Protege Eclipse LED Keypad is achieved by a simple easy to follow configuration menu available during initialization
  • Communicate with up to 3 slave Protege Eclipse LED Keypads for expansion to 18 zones and operation of multi-floor penthouse apartments

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