Protege Nano-Prox Stand Alone Module

Use part no. PRX-SAM when ordering

Protege Nano-Prox Stand Alone Module

Product Description

The PRX-SAM standalone interface allows management of the Nano Prox Series of Proximity readers using the Nano Prox software. Connection is made with RS232 and RS485 interfaces selectable using the on board 8 way dip switch.

The standalone functionality allows for easy, secure operation of gates or other access areas where convenience is required.

Feature Highlights

  • 3x Operation modes: RS232, RS485 and Input mode
  • 100 user capacity
  • 3 x inputs for Nano Prox Beeper control, Door Contact and REX switch
  • FORM C Relay output for Lock control
  • Open collector output for Left open/ Forced Alarm
Weight: 90g


  • Programming via RS-232 serial connection to Nano Prox PC Software
  • Programming via Installer and Master Card badging on Nano Prox card reader

Mode Setup

  • 8 way Dip Switch to select required mode
  • RS232, RS485 and Input modes available

Standalone Mode

  • End users can add further cards to the system by selecting an on site Master card, or with PC software
  • Input mode allows for REX switch input
  • Selectable Output Activation times
  • Multi-Badge Latch Unlock options


  • Vehicular gate operation
  • Apartment complex access control
  • Building/home automation functions

ISCS – ICT Protege Accessories Nano-Prox Stand Alone Module