Protege RS-485 USB Converter

Use part no. ACC-485-USB when orderingACC-485-USB - Protege RS-485 USB Converter

Product Description

The RS-485 USB Converter allows the interface of a PC with a USB interface to communicate with RS-485 networks.

The ACC-485-USB features high voltage galvanic isolation that helps to protect any personal computer that is attached to an RS-485 network from spurious voltage transients, lightning and other forms of electrical disturbance.

Direct control of the transmit enable functions provides seamless integration with industrial process control applications. Flexibility is provided to meet the demands of any application with configuration jumpers for Bias, EOL Termination and Transmit Control.

Feature Highlights

  • High voltage galvanic isolation
  • Direct control of the transmit enable functions
Weight: 190g

Please Note – Configuration allows individual channels to be set up and programmed for specific functions without compromising other channels.

ISCS – ICT Protege RS-485 USB Converter