Protege Standard 5 Amp Power Supply

Use part no. ACC-PSU-5A when orderingACC-PSU-5A - Protege Standard 5 Amp Power Supply

Product Description

The Standard 5 Amp Power Supply provides 12VDC power ideal for running security, access control or automation devices along with large numbers of Protege network powered modules in the same installation.

Feature Highlights

  • 16VAC input ideal for our range of low cost AC transformers
  • 12VDC Output voltage and up to 5 Amps continuous Output current.
  • Battery backup connection for continued power delivery in power outage conditions.
  • Intelligent charging monitors battery and AC supply allowing optimum performance to be achieved using standard lead acid batteries.
  • Monitored signals for ‘Battery Low/Disconnect’ and ‘AC Failure’ using open collector Outputs for third party integration.
Weight: 320g

Reliable Power

The Standard 5 Amp Power Supply is capable of supplying power to a large number of smaller devices or multiple high current devices up to a maximum of 5 Amps.

A continuous source of power is maintained with the inclusion of intelligent battery backup charging, optimal level maintenance and seamless switch on AC failure. The battery backup and AC status are constantly monitored, and failure conditions are Output to open collector drivers suited to connection to third party warning systems.

*Requires a transformer (TRF-100-16). Transformers are sold separately. (NZ/AUS only).

ISCS – ICT Protege Standard 5 Amp Power Supply