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The i-Pass system has been designed to provide powerful yet cost effective access control for a variety of applications. Designed and manufactured in Australia, i-Pass offers performance in a small, simple to install package.

The i-Pass system comprises of the i-Pass controller built with state of the art technology to provide reader access for up to 16 doors and 32 elevator levels with pre configured intercom override and built in support for most reader technologies such as Proximity, Magnetic Stripe, Keypad, Biometric Contactless Smartcard technology and Long Range i-Key RF.

System setup and programming can be carried out with the on board LCD Screen and keyboard, or via the optional i-Pass XS Software package for Windows compatible systems. Remote i-Pass controllers can even link back to the i-Pass XS Software package by dial up modem or an optional TCP/IP interface unit.

The i-Pass architecture allows the installer to easily expand the system by simply adding cost effective i-Pass Smart Modules for additional readers, inputs and outputs and lift modules.

Easy Installation

The i-Pass system is very simple to install and setup, many common settings have already been pre defined so the installer only needs to add and change a small amount of information to make the system operational.

Using the Keypad and LCD screen is by far the simplest way to setup your i-Pass system, with simple to follow menus that are as easy to follow as a mobile phone menu.

This makes the system ideal to commission on site without the need for a laptop or PC. The system can just as easily be setup and controlled by the i-Pass Technician Software or via the i-Pass XS Software.

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