iPass XS Software – End User and Technician

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XS End User Software
Use part no. i-Pass-XS when ordering

Windows compatible with full user database, audit trail and reporting functions.


  • Microsoft Access Data Engine

Access Control:

  • Maximum 2,000 cardholder capacity
  • Dynamic Audit Trail
  • 32 holidays with multiple holiday types
  • Software supports up to 124 x DECC-01 via TCP/IP or Dial Up Modem

Operational Functionality:

  • Dynamic Event viewer
  • Scheduling for dial-up locations
  • Card locate
  • Batch card add and card delete
  • Card activation/deactivation by day/month/year

History Reports:

  • Time and date and from archive history
  • Cardholder Usage
Technician Software
Use part no. i-Pass-Tech when ordering
May be used for system config, emulates LCD Screen and Keyboard. Also used for backup and restore of system data.

ISCS – iPass XS Software