single-id-card-booster-2Single ID Card Booster

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Use part no. N-T-Prox Booster 2 when ordering

Product Description

The Boosters enables long range driver identification. Driver based ID systems ensure that a vehicle can never get access to a secured area unless occupied by an authorized driver. The Booster is used in combination with a personal access credential.

Optionally a separate ID (vehicle ID) can be programmed in the Booster hardware on certain models, this allows you to match the right driver with the right vehicle.

Key Features

  • Long range driver ID up to 10 m (33 ft)
  • Supported credentials:
    – HID prox, EM, Nedap
    – MIFARE, HID iClass, LEGIC, Calypso
  • One card solution
  • Simultaneous driver & vehicle ID
  • Maximizes perimeter security

ISCS – Nedap Dual ID Card Booster