transit-edgeNedap Transit Edge Reader

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Long Range with HID Edge
Use part no. N-Transit Edge Reader when ordering

Product Description

The TRANSIT Edge, which does not require anything more than web browser access to the reader, has been developed to meet the increasing need for “out of the box” integrated perimeter systems solutions, requiring an absolute minimum of cabling while being completely IP compatible.

This is a stand alone solution developed for quick, easy and cost efficient deployment of perimeter security access to a wide range of facilities.

Key features:

– No software needed
– Complete stand alone system
– Stores 1.000 authorisation profiles
– Remote web based access
– Read range up to 10 meters [33 ft] – Object speed up to 200 km/h [125 mph] – Compact industrial design
– Well defined adjustable read range

ISCS – Nedap Transit Edge Reader