Salto Offline XS4 CU5000 Door Controller

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Salto Offline XS4 CU5000 Door Controller
Use part no. CU5000 when ordering

Product Description:

The SALTO CU5000 is a single door off-line door controller that can have 1 or 2 wall readers connected and has a 2 control relay outputs.

Main features and benefits:

  • Off-line door controller.
  • Two wall reader connections, read in – read out locking, and has Anti Pass Back mode available by connecting 2 wall readers.
  • Two relay output.
  • Upgradable to CU50EN or CU50ENSVN.
  • Compatible with SALTO relay extension board (EB5008) controlling up to 128 relay outputs suitable for elevators, etc.
  • To be used with all SALTO wall readers (excepted WRM1000).
  • Can be used with the SALTO WRMKP for dual identification (Carrier + PIN).
  • User on card audit trailing capability for audit trailing via the SALTO Virtual Network (SVN).
  • Request to exit (RTE) switch input.
  • Door monitoring and tamper monitoring via contacts input.
  • Door state input.


  • CE EN55022 (1994), Class B.
  • CE EN 61000-6-1 (2001).
  • CE EN 61000-6-2 (2001).
  • CE EN 61000-4-2 (1995).
  • CE EN 61000-4-3 (1995).
  • CE EN 55024 (1998).
Technical data:
  • Current required:
    • 12V / 500mA 6VA adaptor included.
  • Connection to the wall reader:
    • UTP CAT 5 standard cable.
  • Relay output:
    • Maximum current of the contact to relay 16A at 250VAC with
    • resistive loads and 8 A at 250VAC with inductive loads and 16A at 24VDC.
  • Cabling to the relay:
    • Any kind of cable that supports the load.
  • Temperature:
    • -20ºC to 80ºC.
Access control features:
  • Maximum number of users per door: 64,000.
  • Maximum number of doors in a system: 64,000.
  • Maximum events on door controller: 3000.
  • Time zones: 256.
  • Time periods: 256.
  • Calendars in system: 256.
  • Zones in system: 1024.
  • User groups: unlimited.
Available lock modes:
  • Standard (locked at all times).
  • Office mode (free passage).
  • Timed office (automatic locking at end time).
  • Automatic opening (8 pairs of “hands free” timed lock and unlocks per day with holidays).
  • Toggle (present card to lock, present card to unlock).
  • Time toggle (present card to lock, present card to unlock depending on schedules).
  • Toogle + automatic opening.
  • Keypad only**.
  • Timed keypad**.
  • Key + PIN**.
  • Timed keypad + PIN**.
  • Automatic changes**.

* For IP door controllers only.

** Depending the model.

ISCS – Salto Offline XS4 CU5000 Door Controller