Sony Video Security - IP Video Security Camera SolutionsEach Sony Video Security solution comes with superior technologies to give you peace of mind.


View-DR is a combination of Sony’s full-capture Wide-D technologies, the high-speed “Exmor” CMOS sensor, and Visibility Enhancer (VE) technology. The full-capture Wide-D technology uses an electronic shutter to capture multiple images and reproduce each frame. With the newly developed View-DR algorithm, all of the electrons converted from the captured light are fully used by the imager. As a result, View-DR nearly doubles the sensitivity that is offered by conventional technologies.


Visibility Enhancer is a unique tone-correction technology developed by Sony that resolves demanding conditions of high contrast scene illumination. During image processing, Visibility Enhancer captures and dynamically monitors signal levels. Simultaneous processing and adjustment of both light and dark areas within the same scene then delivers improved wide dynamic range performance with enhanced scene visibility, resulting in sharper and clearer imagery that is crucial for security surveillance.


XDNR is Sony’s technology for noise reduction in IP security cameras. XDNR utilizes 2-dimensional (2D) and 3-dimensional (3D)noise reduction methods adaptively to scenes. Under low-light conditions, XDNR provides clear images for both moving objects and still portions of the image. It provides clear images while minimizing motion blur, which is a challenge in many outdoor surveillance monitoring applications, such as night surveillance in parking lots.