Suprema BioLite Solo

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Fingerprint IP Reader/Controller

Product Description


Complete standalone operation without PC connection
Outdoor spec with waterproof and weatherproof (IP65)
Graphic LCD and keypad for user friendly interface
Built-in relay and switch input for direct lock interface
Optional external relay unit for secure door control
Compact, slim and elegant design
Standalone Outdoor Fingerprint Lock Device
 Fingerprint sensor  500dpi optical sensor
 User capacity  200 users (2 fingerprints per user)
 Fingerprint identification speed  less than 1 second
 Operation modes  Fingerprint, PIN, Fingerprint + PIN
 Internal relay  deadbolt, EM lock, door strike, automatic door
 LCD  128 × 64 pixel black & white
 Keypad  3×4 keypad, 3 navigation key
 User interface  multi-color LED and multi-tone buzzer
 Log storage for audit trail  5,000 events
 Operating voltage  12VDC
 Operating Temperature  – 20℃~ 50℃ (-5℉ ~ 122℉)
 Size  60mm × 185mm × 40mm (W × H × D)

Secure I/O

Power Adapter
Access control for small offices, shops, garage and residential houses

ISCS – Suprema BioLite Solo