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IP access control, simplified


ACTpro is role-based access control software that connects with ACTpro hardware; IP controllers and door modules.

The only software you’ll need to control 1 or 1,000 doors!

ACTpro is used to manage ACTpro controllers and provides for unlimited doors and PC clients.

It is easy to use, intuitive and allows for scaling systems from a single door to thousands of doors!

  • Multitenant
  • User import tool
  • Video integration
  • ID card design and printing

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Considering a different Access Control System?

Take ACTion now and let us show you the ACTpro Access Control system.

What you need for your own ACT access control system

Min. ACTpro-1500 + ACTpro Software


ACTpro Enterprise Software

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Need additional doors or entry points?

Depending on your requirements;

  • Add additional doors to the same site with ACTpro-100 Door Station
  • Add I/O devices to the same site with ACT-IOM ACTpro 8 Input/8 Output Module
    (only connects to the ACTpro-1500 door controller)
  • Add additional doors to a separate site with ACTpro-1500 Door Controller

What is ACTpro?

ACTpro is the access control system hardware that comprises web-enabled door controller interfaces and a suite of MiFare and DESfire card readers.


What’s hot right now?

  • ACTpro Apple and Android compatible app for real-time monitoring, user management and administration from your smartphone.
  • SPC intrusion system now interfaces into the Vanderbilt ACT system providing high-quality graphical maps showing all access and alarm points from both systems, and you can control all devices with the click of a button.
  • A rules mapping engine that ensures system interactions can be seamlessly introduced on a system-wide basis, enabling a higher level of added value to be realised, both for security and business-based functionalities.
  • Assa Abloy Aperio wireless components now integrate into the Vanderbilt ACT system.


  • Overview of how ACT access control is designed to be flexible and adaptive for security installers and integrators.
    Click here for PDF
  • Overview of how ACT access control is designed to address the needs of even the most demanding security situations in user applications.
    Click here for PDF

7 ACT Takeaways


1. Simple plug and play

We recognise that Access Control should not be difficult or time-consuming to install and use, and Vanderbilt has developed the ACT products around this thinking with a modular design philosophy. With its modular architecture and automatic device detection, ACT is simple to install and maintain, regardless of your access control experience.


2. Card Cloning and Hacking Prevention

The card reader is the single most vulnerable point in your entire physical office security setup. 90% of all access control cards in the industry today are easily copied and cloned on the internet. ACTpro secures your business by using the latest DESfire ™ EV1/EV2 cards and readers and Open Source Data Protection (OSDP) protocols to ensure that your cards cannot be cloned and your readers cannot be spoofed.


3. IP at the door

ACT ensures installation time is kept to a minimum, You simply use one IP address and connect the controller to the network. To offer a flexible approach you can also use an RS485 structure.


4. Intuitive usage

With simplified processes, and an intuitive “point and click” interface, both users and installers have the opportunity to utilise the benefits of ACT with minimum training or technical support. A good example of this is the rules mapping engine that enables advanced configurations of various system inputs and outputs through an intuitive, user-friendly interface.


5. Software based on trusted technology

With a proven approach, ACT utilises a single license from setup, that enables simple and efficient programming of system functions and updates.


6. ACT, making access control simple and innovative

ACT was created with an intuitive handling philosophy in mind and is a user-friendly system that has the ability to provide direct messaging on OLED displays at the door (where Vanderbilt Mifare OLED display readers are installed).


To ensure ACT is easy to quote, easy to sell and easy to install both door controllers with or without onboard PSUs are available. 


ACT is fully customisable should you need it to be. If customisation is not required, door controllers are pre-configured out of the box, to ensure you have an operational system in the fastest time possible.


7. Manage on the go

Our Apple and Android compatible apps mean real-time monitoring, user management and administration from your smartphone. You can enable and disable alarms, lock and unlock doors, authorise users and check who’s in and who’s out – wherever you are. Security has never been more convenient, and you’ve never been more in control. 

Where is ACT access control installed today?

  • Healthcare; the flexibility of ACT allows you to easily manage public areas and permit access to restricted areas while preventing unauthorised access.
    Commerce and Industry; providing a safe environment for clients and staff is a top priority for any organisation. Ensure safe access and fire safety with ACT access control.
  • Education; high numbers of students and staff seek access to multiple public areas, offices, sports facilities and student accommodation. ACTpro DESFire smart card solutions ensure you are using the most robust and secure technology for your campus in the most efficient way.
  • Transport; with global threats to air and ground transport hubs ever-present, real-time site-map monitoring by security staff will help ensure the safety of staff and the public. ACTpro software offers a scalable, multi-site solution.
  • Government and Municipal; the highest level of security is required for government buildings, military installations, police stations and courthouses. The ACTpro range will ensure the highest level of protection against card fraud and security breaches.
  • Construction; harsh environments that face many immediate dangers and extreme weather conditions, construction sites will benefit too from the robust housing and waterproofing of the ACTpro range of readers.
  • Leisure and Recreation; from tens of thousands of people in your stadium on match day, controlling access from secure pitch-side areas, or a small fitness center, using entry and exit records for payment and membership, the ACTpro range is the versatile and reliable solution for you.
  • Retail; interlock systems controlling access to cash-offices, securing high-ticket items in stock areas, controlling supplier personnel and vehicle access can all be fully integrated using the ACTpro range.