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Identification and Access Management

Simplify compliance and eliminate the need for users to keep track of multiple usernames and passwords. WAVE ID® readers enable single sign-on security with a tap of an employee badge to improve productivity, prevent password theft, and enforce appropriate access policies.

Error Free Identification


From hospitals to banks to manufacturing, provide single sign-on security across the organisation while eliminating the risks and frustrations of misidentification. WAVE ID® readers support compatibility with nearly all ID badges, operating systems, applications and embedded controllers for quick, error-free access and identification.

Flexible Configurations


WAVE ID® badge readers allow IT departments to support proximity and contactless (125 kHz or 13.56 MHz) employee ID badges for secure authentication and identification throughout the workplace. rf IDEAS even offers mobile credential readers that are backward-compatible with existing card-based credentials.

Multiple Form Factors


WAVE ID® readers are available in a variety of form factors including desktop readers, the small WAVE ID® Nano reader that fits in the USB port of laptops, embedded readers that can be incorporated into OEM equipment, WAVE ID SP Plus and surface mount readers.

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Simple Authentication Means Secure Productivity

IAM Security that’s simple and trusted everywhere employees work!

The right devices and data in the right hands drive progress. But in the wrong hands, they can put the organisation at risk in many ways. Businesses and institutions need a reliable way to control physical and logical access without impinging on the productivity of authorised users. Identity and access management solutions featuring rf IDEAS readers keep users productive throughout the workday without the frustrations and security risks of manual password entry.

Single sign-on can save users from eight to 15 minutes per day, or 103 to 191 hours per year, per employee. An SSO system that uses employee badges and mobile credentials can further improve productivity and security, allowing users to access and then lock down systems with a quick tap of the credential. An intelligent IAM solution can give users access to devices and data only where and when they need it while providing complete visibility for better IT and security management.

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