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HID 5106 Combo Card – iCLASS Seos (13.56MHz) 8k and Prox (125kHz) – ISO (Composite)

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Key Features

For environments where legacy Prox reader technologies are in place and an upgrade to advanced, more secure technology is desired.

HID Global’s dual-frequency iCLASS Seos + Prox smart card allows for seamless migration from 125 kHz proximity technology to the future-proof, high-frequency Seos solution. The card enables customers to maximize their investment with simultaneous support of widely adopted low-frequency proximity technology in conjunction with the heightened security of Seos.

iCLASS Seos smart cards also enable users to carry dual identities in a single credential, delivering a true “one card” solution for physical and logical access control applications. The credentials can be programmed to open doors and access IT resources since they are provisioned to support other applications, including One-Time Password (OTP) authentication for network login.


  • Versatile strong authentication —The solution of choice for companies looking for state-of-the-art access control and multi-application smart cards
  • Increased interoperability—Open and standards-based solution supports future technologies and can store data for multiple applications that are independently protected (as part of a firewalled architecture)
  • Enhanced privacy— Communicates no traceable identifiers during card sessions to prevent card data from being divulged or cloned by unauthorized parties
  • Part of HID Global’s iCLASS SE platform —Based on its SIO (Secure Identity Object) data model and Trusted Identity Platform (TIP) for increased security and adaptability

SKU: HID 5106 Combo Card – iCLASS Seos (13.56MHz) 8k and Prox (125kHz) – ISO (Composite)