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PDK 8 input/output controller, Ethernet, Battery Monitoring, Optional wireless and PoE++

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Product Description


  • PDK Red technology: The Aux 8 controller uses the PDK Red technology, which is a smart and reliable platform for access control devices. It has built-in Ethernet connectivity and self-discovery, which means that it can connect to your network and your system without any hassle. You can access and manage your devices from any web browser or mobile device, and receive real-time alerts and notifications.
  • Input/output board: The Aux 8 controller has eight input and eight output ports, which can handle any auxiliary devices such as alarms, sirens, lights, sensors, relays, and more. You can easily configure and customize the functions of each port according to your needs and preferences. You can also use the Aux 8 controller to trigger events or actions based on the status of your devices.
  • Wireless and PoE + + communication: The Aux 8 controller can also communicate wirelessly or via PoE + + with your system, if you use the PDK wireless or PoE + + module kits. These kits allow you to install the Aux 8 controller in any location where you need more control or monitoring of your devices, without worrying about wires or cables.