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SPC 6350 Control Panel: 512 Zones, 60 Areas, 64 Doors, G5 Cabinet

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Product Description


  • The SPC6350.320 control panel combines intrusion and access functionality in one system.
  • It can be expanded according to specific customer and project needs.
  • Supports up to 512 zones (16 on-board) and 512 outputs (12 on-board).
  • Allows for the connection of 32 system keypads and control of 64 doors.
  • Includes 16 verification zones for enhanced security.
  • Provides 2 X-BUS ports (2 stubs or 1 loop) for flexible connectivity.
  • Offers 60 areas and supports 2500 users with different access levels.
  • Stores memory for 10,000 intrusion and 10,000 access events.
  • Features an integrated Web Server and an on-board Ethernet interface.
  • Provides options for pluggable PSTN and GSM/GPRS communication.
  • Supports wireless receivers and up to 64 detectors (mixed with wired zones).
  • Comes in a tamper-protected metal housing.
  • Offers space for 2 optional 27 Ah batteries.
  • Accommodates 4 additional expanders for customization and scalability.