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VIVOTEK Accessory Mounting Kit – Pendant Wall Mount Bracket

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Product Description

VIVOTEK Accessory Mounting Kit – Wall Mount Bracket.

Technical Specifications

  • Model: AM-218
  • P/N: 100146100G
  • Material: Aluminum Alloy
  • Colour: White
  • Dimensions: 231 (L) x 117 (W) x 117 (H) mm
  • Weight: 700 g
  • Box Dimension: 270 (L) x 175 (W) x 134 (H) mm (1 pc)
  • Box Weight: 970 g
  • Carton Dimension: 438 (L) x 376 (W) x 294 (H) mm (6pcs)
  • Carton Weight: 6.82 kg
  • Supported Models:
    • Adapting Ring: AM-522
    • Mounting Adapter: AM-520, AM-525, AM-527, AM-528
    • Pendant Pipe: AM-116, AM-117
    • Pole Mount Bracket: AM-312
    • Corner Mount Bracket: AM-412
    • Junction Box: AM-719

[Notice] To install with AM-719, it’s suggested to use M5x14mm stainless steel screws with double washers, or M5x12mm stainless steel screws without washers instead.

SKU: VIVOTEK Accessory Mounting Kit – Pendant Wall Mount Bracket [TXS]




Anti Corrosion

Mount Bracket

Explosion Proof

Weather Proof





Junction Box