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PDK 4 Door Controller, Ethernet, OSDP, Wiegand, Battery Monitoring, Optional wireless and PoE++

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Product Description


The Red 4 controller is a smart device that can connect to the internet and find other devices on its own. You don’t have to worry about setting up IP addresses or configuring anything. It does everything for you.

You can also talk to wireless or PoE++ devices, which are devices that get power from the network. You can add these devices by getting a Red WiMACTM wireless or PoE++ Module Kit. This way, you can avoid messy wires and extra power outlets.

The Red 4 controller uses OSDP, which is a way of making sure that the communication between access control devices is safe and secure. OSDP lets the controller do cool things like encrypting data, checking identity, detecting tampering, and verifying biometrics.

The Red 4 controller has its own power supply and a circuit that keeps an eye on the power situation. It can tell if there is enough power for the devices and if there is any problem with the battery or the device status. It will let you know if something goes wrong.