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PDK Wireless Mesh Network Repeater

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Product Description

Do you want to make your wireless access control system work better and faster? Then you need a repeater.

A repeater is a small device that you can plug into any power outlet and it will do two things for you:

  • First, it will boost the wireless signal from your door controllers, cloud node, or other repeaters. This means that you can have a stronger and clearer signal in places where it is normally weak or blocked by things like walls or floors. You don’t have to worry about losing connection or having delays in your system.
  • Second, it will join the mesh network of your system, which is a smart network of devices that talk to each other. A repeater can connect to any device that is within its range, and if one device goes down or moves away, it can switch to another one. This means that your system is always up and running, and can adapt to any changes in your environment.